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O que fazer na Umbria

Matéria de um jornal inglês - Telegraph , datado de hoje, 4 de agosto de 2015.

Se estiver pensando em vir para cá, leia o artigo:
Muitas das cidades eu cito no site da Locanda também:

Coloquei apenas Todi, pois é onde fica a Locanda,veja as outras 9 dicas no link acima.

Foto: Roberto Baglioni

Todi was once a simple agricultural town but today has been gentrified to within an inch of its life. Its lofty position, however, atop a perfect pyramid of a hill, remains as impressive as ever – especially from a far – and if you visit off season you’ll still get a glimpse of what attracted all those wealthy Romans and foreigners in the first place.
The main square is the main attraction – as perfect an early medieval piazza as you could hope to find; so perfect that it’s appeared in plenty of swashbuckling period films. Cafés and gaunt palaces line its flanks, with an austere but appealing Duomo at one end (be sure to see its lovely carved and inlaid wood). Two palaces on the square’s eastern side house the excellent Museo e Pinacoteca di Todi, with paintings and archeological and other displays that trace Todi’s history from its Etruscan origins.
Visit the church of San Fortunato two minutes’ walk away – central Todi is tiny – and climb its tower for the views and admire its airy Gothic interior. Pretty smaller churches (not always open) dot the streets which, as ever in Umbrian hill-towns, are worth wandering for their own sakes. Just outside town, domed Santa Maria della Consolazione, built on a Greek Cross plan, is one of central Italy’s finest Renaissance churches: admire it as you pass, but don’t waste time on the bland interior.

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